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Mutilation Rites - "Empyrean" LP (Gilead Media)

Image of Mutilation Rites - "Empyrean" LP (Gilead Media)


Released by Gilead Media/Prosthetic Records. Review excerpt from Pitchfok.

Mutilation Rites released a couple of EPs of earlier material, but Empyrean is their first proper studio album. On it, they forgo ambient intros, ponderous samples, and endless riffing in favor of a tight 35 minutes that manages to feel expansive courtesy of layers of dual guitars, multiple in-song shifts, and an ongoing push and pull. It's a mix of raw black metal, dark doom, and punk that rocks, but that also offers plenty of prettier surprises. Think of late-period Darkthrone vomiting the youthful version of themselves onto the crowd at a filthy DIY space. (Since recording Empyrean, they fittingly added bassist Ryan Jones of noise-rock icons Today Is the Day.) It's stately and epic, but booze-soaked, filthy, and feral.

Black vinyl, Gatefold jacket