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Krallice "Diotima" 2xLP (Gilead Media)

Image of Krallice "Diotima" 2xLP (Gilead Media)


Released by Gilead Media. Review excerpt from Pitchfork

Diotima has broadly accessible glimpses: The central riff in "The Clearing" supplies all the majesty and power of a Sousa march-- memorable enough to hum, triumphant enough for pumped fists. Writing for Pop Matters, Adrien Begrand correctly called the title track "genuinely catchy" as it moves from "a cruising sludge groove... [into] the frenzied blast beats we know so well from these guys." But the album's emphasis on movement within the songs and within the parts makes it ultimately less dynamic and dramatic, at least on initial listens; the obvious bloodlust of Dimensional Bleedthrough comes funneled into a full assault that might be mistaken for monotony, especially compared to the latest by Brooklyn black metal brethren Liturgy. That's too bad, though, as Krallice's levels of composition and performance have never been higher-- so high, in fact, it's laughable.

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