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Inter Arma "Destroyer" CD

Image of Inter Arma "Destroyer" CD


Released/Description by Gilead Media.

Originally released as a 12″ by Toxic Assets records earlier in 2012–and available now on CD from Gilead Media–DESTROYER is a furious EP that showcases an astonishing new level in Inter Arma’s songwriting. This is not just the next step for them, but an evolutionary leap beyond their previous material. The record is surprisingly dynamic and their precision is impressive, particularly when considering the stylistic range they cover. Whether they’re expounding on some dark, creepy interlude, berating you with a relentless riff, or laying down a thoroughly awesome guitar solo, Inter Arma hit the mark like seasoned metal veterans. And the drums, my goodness, the drums! Heavy, complimentary rhythms, blackened blast, all is absolutely crushing. On DESTROYER every element comes together to form truly remarkable songs from a band that knows how to incorporate melody without dulling their abrasive sound.

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