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North "The Great Silence" 2xLP

$15.00 - On Sale

NORTH has returned! Holy shit, these boys have really stepped their game up on this album. After a long hiatus, "The Great Silence" is North's 8-track follow-up to their 2008 album "What You Were" (which was one of Decibel Magazine's top 40 albums of 2008). Gone are the more melodic post rock guitar lines, replaced with dense metal riffs and ambient sludge. One of the biggest changes in this album is the absence of the keyboards, as well as the more extensive range and dynamic to this vocals. The guitars are ever-more pummeling, intricate and expansive. Huge drum and bass carries the back end to this record through and through. In all out onslaught on your goddamn eardrums. The progression that NORTH shows on this record is evident immediately, and will bury your face in the ground until your shitting out dirt. Buy this record. Do it. Go!

pressing info:

Orange - 100
Pink Splatter - 150
Silver/Rust - 250